• Sports-Medicine-advanced-physical-therapy

    Sports Medicine

    Sports injuries can really set you back from your favorite activities and competitions. Furthermore,...

  • Post-surgical Rehab

    Your surgeon has done a fine job in surgery repairing your damaged body. However,...

  • Aquatic-Therapy

    Aquatic Therapy

    Aquatic therapy is perfect for patients of all ages that need to improve their...

  • Work Injuries

    For Injured Workers Being injured at work can cause significant stress, pain and aggravation...

What patients say

  • I hurt so badly in places on my body, but after therapy I do not hurt at all in those places. I fee l so much better! I have so much more energy. I walk better, and can do all my house work by myself. My body is in much better condition now. The therapists here at Advanced work with you and give you the therapy that you need to make yourself more sufficient and take better care of yourself. I would recommend APT to anybody. They a re Great!

  • Weaving, wobble, stiff, falling, steps were a chore. Dragging my feet and slow walking. Now I am much steadier, ankles move more freely, can walk steps, standing straighter, walking faster. Actually walking not stomping.