Patient Results

  • My walking and balance has improved so much with the therapy I have been given. I am going to try and keep up the exercises and follow through with what I have learned to keep my legs and feet moving.


  • After just 3-4 visits my ankle and foot have improved greatly. Playing tennis again 4 to 5 times a wee k. Thanks.


  • I was going to the doctor for dizziness and was always prescribed medicine for the problem; I have been dealing with this for ten years. I heard a bout vestibular therapy through my doctor’s office, after going through the epily maneuver I feel 95% better.


  • I really was in pretty good shape immediately after surgery. Therapy fine-tuned everything. Straighten my leg better, scar tissue worked on to help mobility. Balance and walking better. Helpful hints were given all through therapy. Atmosphere was very positive and staff seemed to know your name and greeted you regularly.

    J. J.

  • Had both knees replaced, I a m feeling great now. I could not do my daily work around the house without really hurting. I am feeling really good I can do all of my housework by myself. I hope to do some traveling and enjoy life to the fullest. Advanced PT has done wonders. Thanks.

    B. L.

  • I suffered with limping, hip pain, painful walking. After PT i do not limp, legs are stronger, pain is gone unless certain spots are punched.


  • Weaving, wobble, stiff, falling, steps were a chore. Dragging my feet and slow walking. Now I am much steadier, ankles move more freely, can walk steps, standing straighter, walking faster. Actually walking not stomping.


  • I hurt so badly in places on my body, but after therapy I do not hurt at all in those places. I fee l so much better! I have so much more energy. I walk better, and can do all my house work by myself. My body is in much better condition now. The therapists here at Advanced work with you and give you the therapy that you need to make yourself more sufficient and take better care of yourself. I would recommend APT to anybody. They a re Great!