How to Make Your Stress-Related Headaches Disappear

Did you know that headaches are the third most common pain complaint throughout the world? They can impact your quality of life and make it difficult to function normally. Luckily, headache relief can be found through physical therapy. Your trained…..

shoulder pain relief

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain and How Physical Therapy Can Help

Advanced Physical Therapy | January 10, 2019

Your shoulder is the most flexible and moveable joint in your body, consisting of several bones, muscles, joints and tendons. This means there are several ways the shoulder can become injured and cause pain. There are many causes of shoulder…..

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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage for Athletes

Advanced Physical Therapy | December 20, 2018

If you’re an athlete at any level of training or competition, you’re already familiar with the cycle of preparation, participation and recovery that seems to accompany just about any strenuous activity. First, you must prepare your muscles and connective tissues…..

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Is Pain Stopping You From Getting Back in the Game?

Advanced Physical Therapy | December 10, 2018

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, at least 100 million Americans are living with chronic pain (pain lasting longer than three months). As if this isn’t a troubling enough trend, in recent years, physicians have been prescribing more…..

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herniated disc

Is Your Back Pain Caused by a Herniated Disc?

Advanced Physical Therapy | November 20, 2018

A herniated disc is a condition that occurs along the spine. Most often, it is found in the lower back. The spine is comprised of 24 bones, and five of them are found in the lower back. There are also…..

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Overcome Knee and Hip Pain for Good with Advanced PT!

Advanced Physical Therapy | November 10, 2018

Hip pain and knee pain are a part of life for many people. Cartilage in the knees, hip or lower back can wear down due to overuse and lead to discomfort or arthritis. Sometimes just a straight-up injury can cause…..

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How to Put the Spring Back in Your Step

Advanced Physical Therapy | October 20, 2018

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or tired, achy muscles, a physical therapist can create a personalized program to help you feel better and have more energy so you can enjoy your daily activities. Call us for information to see…..

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Don’t Mask the Symptoms: Treat the Origin of the Issue with Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy | October 10, 2018

Looking for a Drug-Free Pain Solution? Look Into Physical Therapy Pain can be a helpful messenger, an alert that something in your body needs fixing ‒ but it can also be an agonizing annoyance that ruins your quality of life……

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Feeling Stiff and Achy? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Advanced Physical Therapy | September 20, 2018

Everyone wakes up feeling some pain in their joints or muscles from time to time. But if you find yourself consistently waking up stiff and achy, it might be time for pain-relief work with a physical therapist. Aching or stiff…..

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Arthritis Pain Sufferers- Advanced Physical Therapy of Newton Can Help!

Advanced Physical Therapy | September 10, 2018

Arthritis is a joint disorder, which features inflammation, pain and stiffness. There is also often a loss in movement with arthritis, as the joints are too inflamed to move. When only a single joint is involved it’s known as monoarthritis……

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Tension Headaches: How to Handle Them

Advanced Physical Therapy | August 20, 2018

Of the four distinct types of headaches — tension, migraine, sinus and cluster — the tension type is the most common. Of course, stress is a natural reaction to stimuli and can keep us safe from danger. Yet an excessive…..

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